What to do with your typos

Typos are the bane of all writers. They can mess with your meaning, disrupt the flow of your sentences and leave readers confused. One small typo can derail your entire work, stealing your credibility and, with it, the ability your work has to make a lasting impact. Right? I'm not so sure anymore. I'm a … Continue reading What to do with your typos


What is a copywriter? Hint: It has nothing to do with copyrights

"So what do you do?" someone asks me. "I'm a copywriter," I reply. "Oh, so you do copyrights for movies and books?" This is the typical exchange that occurs when I explain to someone what I do for a living -- so often that I expect it now -- but copywriting is not the same … Continue reading What is a copywriter? Hint: It has nothing to do with copyrights

Should you be reading or writing more?

If you want to become a better writer, the equation is simple: Reading + Writing = Better Writing Filling in the variables, however, is not. In a Facebook group that I'm a member of, someone recently asked other group members about their own reading and writing habits. This member expressed anxiety because he feels like … Continue reading Should you be reading or writing more?

Is the grass always greener?

I believe everyone should have goals in life, and I believe that once we meet our goals, we should set more. Striving to be better and do more has the potential to benefit us in numerous ways. However, sometimes we don't meet our goals. We don't hit the deadlines we had for ourselves. We're not … Continue reading Is the grass always greener?

A writer’s best tool

It's that time of the month at work when I'm busy churning out ghostwritten newspaper columns before they're due to editors; drafting monthly blogs for clients; and helping account managers write and finesse e-newsletter intros. I've also been playing around with flyer copy for a new client. As I rush to meet deadlines and get … Continue reading A writer’s best tool

Trust the writing process

Writing is a creative process, no matter what type of writer you are. Unfortunately, creativity often alludes writers when they need it most. Though I would love for my creativity to hit just before I sit down to write, that pressure often makes my creativity run away in fear. Then it will only return when … Continue reading Trust the writing process

College graduates — stay in touch with your professors!

Most of us look back on our college years with fond memories, but after graduation, we tend to leave everything about those years -- save the memories -- behind. College can be an exceedingly difficult time for young people, so it's no wonder why we're eager to move on to a more stable phase in … Continue reading College graduates — stay in touch with your professors!

How to effectively self-edit your writing

Today, I spent the morning and afternoon editing two pieces I've been working on for weeks. One is a personal experience/travel essay and the other is the first two-ish chapters of a memoir. After weeks of writing and re-writing, I finally got both pieces to a place I felt good about, so I knew this … Continue reading How to effectively self-edit your writing

Am I ruining the great outdoors?

After reading Outside magazine's article "Is Instagram Ruining the Great Outdoors?" I started thinking about the effects tagging my hiking photos with a specific location may do to the wild, natural areas I love so dearly. With the recent surge in social media use, and subsequent surge in inexperienced hikers attempting to traverse extremely difficult trails, … Continue reading Am I ruining the great outdoors?