says savannah

I’m a fitness junkie with a love for the written word. I created says savannah because I don’t have the patience for journaling but needed somewhere I could let my creativity flow. My blog’s name came from the idea that communication is what fuels our society. As a writer, I’m fortunate enough to be able to communicate through the written word, and I decided says savannah was the perfect vehicle to do that.

Before you start browsing my site, it’s probably worth getting to know me a bit more. Here are 10 essential facts you should know:

  1. I hate cats and love dogs.
  2. I believe confidence is the most attractive characteristic anyone can have, which is why the word is tattooed in my rib cage.
  3. I also have a giraffe tattooed on my rib cage. Giraffes are my favorite animals.
  4. I used to be a vegetarian, but now I love steak. I’ve been known to call myself a “beefy lady.”
  5. I moved to Colorado so I could join the ranks of our country’s craziest fitness junkies.
  6. I exercise six days a week and still try to fit in some short walks on my rest day.
  7. I love to hike but am terrified of scrambling over rocks. I hope to conquer that fear one day and summit Long’s Peak.
  8. Holden Caulfield is my literary soulmate. He said it best: “People always clap for the wrong things.”
  9. My favorite time of day is the hour before the sun rises.
  10. I prefer to eat my meals with a salad fork.