Make the most out of your morning workout

As promised last week, here are some tips on making the most out of your morning workout.

Make a plan

What are you doing tomorrow morning? Going to the gym to lift? Going to use cardio machines? Going to swim? Or are you planning on a home workout or an outdoor bike ride or run? Waking up with a plan makes it easier to get started. On days that I run, I wake up knowing that I’m going to run a certain number of miles. I already have my route planned out. That way, I don’t spend 10 minutes in bed thinking about what I’ll be doing!

Set out your clothes the night before

Some people even sleep in their workout clothes, so they can jump out of bed and go. If that doesn’t sound appealing, at least check the forecast, think about what your workout plan is for the next morning, and have your clothes laid out by your bed. That way, you don’t have to think through an outfit while battling morning fatigue.

Prep your breakfast

If you eat before a workout, have your food ready to go. Set out your cereal, make your overnight oats, or have your pancake mix ready to pour. I like to workout on an empty stomach, but I set my coffee maker to brew so it’s ready when I’m home from the gym.

Find a workout partner to make yourself accountable

My boyfriend hates when my 5 a.m. alarm rings and I jump out of bed to turn on all the lights. He tries to keep me in bed and groans as soon as the lights go on. A few minutes later he begrudgingly emerges from under the covers. He’s not a morning person and often skipped the gym prior to my demands that he get up and come. I hold him accountable, so he has a reason to get up and go. Maybe your workout partner doesn’t sleep next to you, but if you know your friend will be at the gym waiting for you — or your running group is meeting at a certain time — you’re less likely to bail on your workout.

What else do you do to get yourself out of bed to workout? Let me know!


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