I’m always excited to try new recipes when the holiday season hits. On Christmas and Thanksgiving, I can stray from my typical go-to meals like chili and pasta, opting for more creative dishes. For Christmas next week, I’m treating myself to a vegan apple gingerbread cake. I searched and searched for a good brand of vegan cream cheese (for the frosting). I finally found Diaya at Whole Foods, and I’m hoping it’s good! For my main dish, I’m making a grilled cauliflower with homemade pesto and serving it with whole wheat penne and tomato sauce. I might add cheese to the main dish, or I might keep it completely vegan. I like going vegan for the holidays and showing my family that it’s not hard or gross. Fingers crossed that my food will get sampled before noses are turned up at something that’s vegan. I’m sure my cake won’t be resisted!

I’ll be putting pictures of the food up on Instagram all day, so be sure to check them out!

What are you cooking for the holidays? Are you trying any new recipes?

vegan christmas.jpg