My favorite part about winter break is finally having the time to read for pleasure. Before a semester of school starts, I hurry to finish whatever I’m reading, knowing I just won’t have the time to devout to books in between studying, reading for school, work and running. But I always look forward to the few weeks during the winter of uninterrupted reading time. This break, I’ve read Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness,” and I’m currently finishing up Alexandre Dumas’s “The Count of Monte Cristo.” After that, I have issues of Runner’s World and Baltimore Magazine to get through, and I’m hoping to find some books under the tree! On the top of my list are “I Am Malala,” “Unbroken” and “A Christmas Carol.” Unfortunately, I’m taking a winter class, so come Jan. 4 my time is once again limited. Next week, I’ll be in Colorado skiing, but I’ll have long plane rides to give me time with my books.

What are you reading this winter break?