Home bittersweet home

After a vacation, what’s even worse than jet lag? BEING HOME. Your vacation is over. No more sleeping in, fun activities and lazy hours spent hanging out with loved ones.

You’re back at work.

You’re back at school.

You’re back at real life.

After a week at the hotel, condo or rental home, you started to develop a flow. You set your toiletries out in the bathroom. You hung up some clothes in the closet. You lined your shoes up neatly on the floor. The day you left, the place was starting to feel homey, and you started to develop a routine. Then, BAM. You step off the plane, and it’s back to the old routine (or the daily grind as you call it).

While you’re trying to readjust to your timezone, you’re also feeling that sad pang. No more laughing with the family members you only see twice a year. No more family dinners. No more sharing childhood memories that at the time seemed so serious but now make you shake in your seat. You’ll call and text each other the first week home, but then the vacation will be forgotten, and the busyness of life will suck everyone back in.

Until next time …


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