When snow has you stuck but your training program can’t stall


I had two months to go in my half-marathon training program when Mother Nature decided to dump almost 3 feet of snow on my doorstep. I was doing so well braving the bitter cold on my morning runs, but due to safety concerns, I let the snow shut me indoors for the past two days. All the while, I was thinking about my paths, sidewalks and street shoulders being lost to the snow.

I know that for at least a week I’ll be confined to a treadmill, but 30 inches of snow means that currently my gym is closed and my car is stuck — I can’t even get to a treadmill!

Don’t worry, though; I didn’t give up.

Me without endorphins is like a plant without sunlight and water. I had to come up with a solution.

I switched some training days around. As I knew the storm was coming, I fit in my 8-mile long run a few hours before the snow, anticipating having to run the next few long runs on a treadmill — a less than joyful experience. I moved my cross training day to the day of the storm and did body-weighted home workouts as snowflakes fell. Today, my fiance was able to dig out and drive his truck around. The small gym at our apartment community was accessible late this afternoon, so I used one of their older treadmills to bang out a 3-mile pace run. The snow presents some challenges, but allowing myself to be flexible is important. I could just screw it all, but it builds character as a runner to learn how to overcome obstacles presented during a training period. I’m on my way to becoming a better athlete as I learn to adapt my plans and still get my workouts done.

If the apartment community gym had been inaccessible, you had better believe that I would’ve jogged up and down the building’s stairs for 3 miles.

You can’t stop a runner.

Click here for some inspiration on embracing treadmill running. Though, I’ll stick with calling it Satan’s conveyor belt…


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