The plight of a vegetarian dining out

As my fiance and I plan our elopement ceremony in Savannah, Georgia, it’s proving difficult to find a fine-dining restaurant that offers vegetarian options. Sure, we’ve found one or two restaurants that have a single golden dish meant to satisfy the herbivores, but on my wedding night, I’d like to be able to choose. Heck, I’d like to be treated like a princess — a princess who likes her greens. Typically, I can go with the flow when it comes to dining out; however, you don’t mess with a bride, and I’m ready to snap!

Vegetarians have it rough. Our meat-eater friends don’t understand that it’s not fun to go to a restaurant and only be able to order one thing off of the menu. Even if that one thing sounds good, it takes away half the fun of dining out — lots of choices! Meat eaters, just imagine that you open up a menu, your eyes start to scan, and your mind says, “no, no … maybe, oh wait, no …”


So don’t make faces when we herbivores are over the moon to dine at a vegetarian or vegan restaurant. Everything is finally an option, and we secretly love that all the faux meat and cheese products gross you out to point where you’re locked into the one or two dishes that are naturally vegetarian — it’s our payback for all the other times!

As for Savannah, Georgia, my fiance will find a way. He’s great at making sure I’m fed.

To learn more about the plight of a living plant-based life, click here. And please, please, don’t ask, “If it’s so hard, why don’t you just eat meat again?”

It’s so hard because restaurants refuse to make it easy for the 7.3 million of us who don’t eat meat, so it’s worth giving us some choices.


4 thoughts on “The plight of a vegetarian dining out

  1. Do you really find it hard dining out as a vegetarian? I never had problems, but I also grew up in a major city where there was always a cheesy pasta dish to choose from. Going vegan was the kicker. I usually have to make my own meals out of vegetable sides and pray they don’t cover everything in butter, lol.


    1. Yes, I definitely do. So often the option is a cheesy pasta and that’s not the healthiest choice. I get frustrated when my fiance has loads of things to choose from, and I have the one dish that’s just been thrown on as an afterthought. I make such great dishes at home filled with veggies, beans and a variety of grains. I would love to see more creative options offered!

      I will say that it depends on the restaurant. Things get tricky when we are out for the day and pop into a random restaurant where I don’t already know the menu options.

      Thanks for reading!

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