My favorite app for at-home workouts


It sounds like the name of a candy factory or maybe a pre-teen clothing store, but, no, it’s the name of a fitness app. My favorite fitness app in fact.

When I have an 8 a.m. class and a 40-minute plus commute to get there, it’s hard to make it to the gym. Especially because my gym doesn’t open as early as I’d like. The best solution? An at-home workout. Sure, I could make one up and sometimes do, but the POPSUGAR Active app has guides and videos.


I like the guides best. It’s easier for me to swipe through a guide than to follow a video from my tiny iPhone screen. The guides give you step-by-step instructions for performing each exercise and tell you how many reps to do. The guides set you up with circuits and tell you how many times to do each circuit. There’s a photo of someone doing each exercise as well.


My favorite category is strength training. I do the full-body workouts. As I train for my half-marathon, it’s a great resource for plyometric and strength-training routines. All I need is my body weight to get through a quick session.

Don’t be fooled; you don’t need a gym membership to workout. Do one of POPSUGAR’s workouts and then do a couple laps around the neighborhood for cardio. Not into running? They have cardio guides full of burpees, jumping jacks, and explosive squats and lunges to get your heart pumping.

treadmill workout

If you are fortunate enough to make it to the gym but are lost once you’re there, the app has guides for treadmill and elliptical workouts. You can do a hill, interval or walk-run workout on the machines.

There’s even yoga workouts for the more peacefully inclined athletes.

Me? I like to get my legs pounding, heart pumping and body sweating.

But there’s something for everyone; that’s what makes it such a great app!

Happy exercising!

Where do you get your workout routine from? Any fitness apps you love? Let me know!




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