Cooped up and going crazy!

“I’m so ready for winter to be over.”

“I hate the cold.”

“I just want summer already.”

These phrases have littered the hallways at school lately, and I feel them just as strongly. My favorite part about warm weather is getting outside. I hate being cooped up. It’s not cozy; it’s just miserable. And as winter makes a comeback with single-digit temperatures, I’m tired of my weekend dates consisting of movies. Sure, it’s a nice sentiment, but, after a few months, it gets a little old. I miss the hikes, bike rides and day trips to local cities and festivals.

So last weekend, Blake and I ventured out of our comfort zone and looked at some art. Sure, we laughed at the naked figures in the European Wing and wondered why three canvases of solid colors in the Contemporary Wing made it into a museum, but we at least attempted to expand our horizons. I’d never been to the Baltimore Museum of Art before, but it’s free and local.

BMA contemporary
Come on, how can the red circles be art?!

My suggestion to you is to get out of your comfort zone when it’s cold and you’re bored. Retire the overused movie, ice skating and bowling dates. And please, don’t even consider mall walking — that’s too low even for you.

Pop the name of your town or city into the search bar with “things to do.” If money is a concern, include “free” in the search as well. Yes, some of ideas that come up may be fun on sunny days only, but museums are great and very diverse in what they offer. Maybe the names of some cool antique and thrift shops will come up; I bet they have heat in their stores!

My point is, don’t succumb to the cooped-up feeling. At the very least, make being cooped up fun. I gave it a try, and I got to look at some strange, unique and crazy stuff for a few hours while holding the hand of the man I love — not bad for a Sunday.


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