Parallel parking with purpose


I’ve heard that the dreaded parallel park is no longer a part of the Maryland driver’s test, but when I was 16, the practice was still going strong. It was the first part of the test because most people failed. Yours truly was 13 inches from the curb with one minute left. How I got to be 12 inches from the curb in that one minute, I don’t know. However, I passed, and I am proud to say that I have avoided parallel parking ever since.

Now, four years later, I can avoid parallel parking no more.

I have an interview with Baltimore Magazine. It’s my dream to work for a magazine post-graduation, and this is my dream internship! But my heart sank as I read the email with the details for my interview. “Street parking is available out front.” Street parking in Baltimore is bound to mean parallel parking. I can’t let parking stand in the way of this interview, so I’ve gone back to driver’s ed with my fiance acting as my instructor. I spent some of my Sunday re-learning the maneuvers, and I’m starting to pick it up again. I have a few more weeks to practice, and at this point, I would love to put parallel parking as a skill on my resume.

I’m going to be so mad if street parking doesn’t mean what I think it does. At least it’ll be a good icebreaker for the interview.

Happy parking and wish me luck!


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