Who do you run with?

When someone learns that I’m a runner, it’s often followed by “Who do you run with?” I disappoint when I respond that I run alone.

Why am I expected to be a social butterfly when I run? Running is one of the few things that is solely mine. It’s my effort that gets my feet pounding each day; it’s my dedication that pushes me to finish my long runs even when I’m exhausted; it’s my passion that gets me to sign up for my first marathon.

I view running as a solitary activity; however, as it turns out, I don’t really run alone.

I run with my hopes.

hopes for a fast pace

hopes for a stellar finish time on race day

hopes to succeed in both running and life

I run with my fears

fears that old injuries will return

fears that I’m not progressing as quickly as I’d like

fears that I will fail in both running and life

I run with my negative thoughts

You’re so much slower than yesterday.

You’re never going to be able to run a marathon.

I run with my positive thoughts

I love being out in the sun today.

I feel free.

I run with my worries

What am I going to do after graduation?

Am I going to make a good wife?

I run with my assurances

You can do this.

As long as you keep running, you’ll make it.

I run with my dreams

dreams of going faster

dreams of being better

I run with all of my thoughts, and there’s enough of them to make a whole race’s worth of running buddies. So, yes, I run with friends; you just can’t see them.

running alone


2 thoughts on “Who do you run with?

  1. running really is a sort of meditation:) I never come back from a run not learning something about myself. Great post:)


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