Do college students truly get a break?

My spring break is next week, but it will be far from a break.

To me, it’s just extra time to check things off what seems to be an endless to-do list.

  • find a summer job
  • make the poster and portfolio for my internship presentation
  • finalize my memoir for Magazine Writing
  • work on my presentation for Earth and Space Science

My winter break was eaten up by a January class; my summer break will be filled with a part-time job and with securing a post-grad job.

A break is just a chance to catch up!

As college students, we use our breaks to work on the big assignments due at the end of the semester, to prepare for the semester ahead, to prepare for our lives following college, and to prepare some financial reserves.

Maybe in our first year of college we sat on the couch binge watching television, enjoying the freedom of no classes. However, as graduation approaches and we enter adulthood, we use our breaks to get done what we normally can’t.

So if you’re out of college and in the professional world, don’t be jealous of our long breaks because the closer we get to graduation, the less carefree our breaks become. We need all the time we can get to add bullets to our resumes, bump up our GPAs, and secure our own professional jobs. We’d love to take two weeks of vacation where we didn’t have to think about papers or projects. We’d love to be paid for those two weeks.

We’re working our butts off.

We would tell you more about it, but we don’t have the time!


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