What a morning without exercise is like

You may read the title of today’s blog post and think, “What the heck? That’s every morning for me.”

Well for me, that’s far from the case. My alarm typically rings at 5 a.m., and I jump out of bed, put on my workout clothes, and either head to the gym or head out for a run. It’s my routine, and it gets me excited and energized for the day.

However, as I recover from last weekend’s half-marathon, I’m doing the best thing I can do for my body — taking a break from exercise! Crazy as it may seem, if you exercise enough, you’re body reaches a point where it will benefit more from a break than from continued exercise.

So for now, it’s straight to breakfast and then a shower. It’s me showering off what? I don’t know — not the sweat from a hard workout. It feels strange … too normal.

I spend the hours between 8 and 10 a.m. trying to relieve myself from a groggy haze, and by noon it’s typically gone, but those first few hours of the morning are rough. It’s hard for me to focus on the work that I have to get done; it’s hard for me to muster the energy to change out of my robe; it’s hard for me not to screech at the rising sun like the zombies in “I am Legend.”

Yes, I need a break for a while. I have shin splints and sore calves. I currently have no desire to hear my feet pounding on the ground. Getting a 1:43 finish time at the half-marathon surpassed my goal of 1:45 and gave me a new personal record, but it took a lot out of me. My brain is tired; my body is tired.

I just wish they would feel refreshed soon.

I’m stuck between having no desire to exercise and no energy to live my life. It’s a troublesome place to be, but check back with me in a week or so when I’m starting back up again. I hope to be doing better by then!


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