Finding your fit(ness)

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When people find out that I’m a runner — or when I’m talking to friends and family about a recent race or a really great run — the response is quite often “I hate running.”

Okay, fine.

It’s no big deal.

But I hope that doesn’t mean you shun exercise completely. Instead, I hope it means that you know what works for you.

You don’t like running because it hurts your knees? Try swimming or yoga — they’re low impact.

You don’t like running because it’s boring? Try a fitness class like Zumba — it’s full of music and people having fun. Try a boot camp — the workouts will be changing constantly.

You don’t like running because it makes you look too skinny and scrawny? Try weight lifting — you’ll be ripped in no time.

Try boxing; try cycling; try crossfit; try joining a local sports league.


find your fitness.jpg

If you don’t like one type of exercise, find another.

What works with the time you have? What equipment do you have access to? If you like to workout with others, what will allow you to get your friends and family involved? If you miss high school and college sports, what local teams can you join?

Like the name implies, working out is work. And you know how dreadful it is to go to a job each day that you hate, so don’t go to the gym each day to do something you hate. Make exercising enjoyable.

If you hate running, don’t sign up for your first race thinking that the training will help you loose weight and get fit. Chances are, if you hate it that much, you’ll never even start training.

To get fit, you have to find your fit. Think about your day-to-day schedule. Think about what you like — feeling free in water, feeling the wind on your face, feeling an intense burn, feeling like part of a group. Think about what you hate — being wet, being stared at in the gym, being alone, being surrounded by people.

Think about what will work for you and make you happy, and then get to it!

happy exercising

What’s your fit? Why do you like it?


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