Evil Epsom salt baths for sore muscles

What does a bath bring to mind?


Soothing music?

Fragrant scents?


Dim lighting?

All of the above?


How about sweat, sweat and more sweat.

I recently purchased some Epsom salt to alleviate my sore muscles after intense workouts/long runs.

Here’s a bit of background on why I did so: The magnesium found in Epsom salt helps in enzyme functioning by calming inflammation and by improving blood flow. The sulfates found in Epsom salt are building blocks for healthy joints, skin and tissue.

Some dispute claims that your body can absorb these minerals through osmosis, but others swear by Epsom salt. At the very least, medical professionals say that soaking in warm water is a way to ease the pain and inflammation that cause sore muscles. (To read more about the potential benefits of Epsom salt, click here.)

With all of this knowledge in my head, I had such a great outlook as I sank down into the tub. It was going to be “me time.” I had my Runner’s World magazine and my Pandora app opened up, and it went well … for about two minutes. Then, I needed a sweat towel and an industrial-sized fan.

I kept checking my timer, waiting for it to hit 20 minutes, which would indicate that I’d had a decent soak in these toxin-removing minerals.

Every minute, more sweat beaded on my head. Every minute, my heart pounded faster. Every other minute I allowed myself to sit up and feel a tiny bit of relief.

If you’re a shower person, don’t be convinced that baths are relaxing. To really remove your toxins and sweat it out, you’re going to be miserable.

You’re going to want gallons of water, towel after towel, and to plunge into a frozen body of water after you’re done bathing.

I left the tub feeling dizzy and uncontrollably hot. I’ve read that it’s not uncommon because all of the sweating lowers your blood pressure and removes waste from your body, but it just wasn’t what I’d expected. I felt zero relaxation, but my muscles have been feeling better, so I will subject myself to more baths in the future.

Though for now, I’m going to stick to closing the door and letting the steam build up in the shower. Maybe once a week I’ll torture myself with a true detox. I bought some Epsom salt body wash to help me make it through until then.

epsom salt body wash

Happy showering! (because no one should say “happy bathing!”)



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