Finding love online


Unfortunately, Tinder and the swipe-right phenomenon have made online dating for millennials appear to be solely sex centered.

And maybe that’s true for some, but not for my fiance, Blake, and me. We met on Plenty of Fish, a free dating website, and we are most definitely a success story. Come March 2, we will be going on two years of dating, and we are engaged to be married on New Year’s Eve of this year.

There was no swipe right, and our relationship wasn’t just a friends-with-benefits hookup. After a month, we were officially dating. After two months, I dropped the L-word (Yeah, I said it first!).

When I first started online dating two years ago, I heard all kinds of jokes.

“Online dating is for old people.”

“Online dating sites are full of stalkers and sexual predators.”

“Only people who are desperate do online dating.”

“If you want love, why would you look online?”

On and on and on…

But in reality, I dated some nice guys. Sure, the first few didn’t stick, but they were fun people to spend time with, and they treated me well. They were all “normal” people with jobs, friends and non-serial killer lives.

It’s quite obvious that millennials are living tech-centered lives. We Tweet our thoughts, post status updates about our accomplishments, and blog about our lives; we log our workouts with fitness apps and take pics of our food for Instagram. It only makes sense that we would also look to technology and the internet to find love.

Even my baby-boomer mother has caught up to the times. She’s been online dating since her divorce years ago, and she has also met some nice guys. Several of her serious relationships spawned from online dating sites.

If you’re still sitting at a bar looking for your soulmate, consider this: Putting yourself out there now means putting yourself online. Sure, you’ll have to screen a few gems, but most people are looking just like you. Most people have caught on and know how to make a connection via the internet. Love moves fast, and the world moves even faster, so catch up and get online.

tinder wedding.png

I know of people who’ve found love on Tinder. They took the plunge and swiped right.

For me, it only took a few months to find “the one.” I found my fish in the sea, and the rest was history!

Tell me about your online dating experiences. Any horror stories?


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