No time to read? Try a magazine.

I love to read, but when I’m in the middle of a semester, my workload consumes all of my time; reading for pleasure goes out the window. If I’m in the middle of a novel when a semester starts, I’m often still there by the end of the semester; then I can’t remember where the story left off, and I’m forced to either start over or just give up.

To quell my longing for good, nonacademic reads mid-semester, I stick to magazines. And before you scoff, telling me that magazines are just for teenage girls interested in the latest styles and celebrity gossip, let me tell you why magazines are worth your time.


They’re worth your time because they don’t take nearly as much time! Reading a magazine is much more casual endeavor than committing to an entire novel is. Magazines have small sidebar stories that can be read in minutes, and even the extended feature articles are typically only a few pages long.

Another bonus? If you don’t like one story, just turn the page and there’s another. With a novel, you can be tempted to keep reading, hoping that the story will eventually pull you in. If it never does, you’ve surely wasted some time. With a short article in a magazine, you can just skim when it starts to get boring — without fear of losing track of characters and important plot lines — or you can simply turn to another story. The variety of stories in a magazine keeps you interested, as do the vivid photographs and visually appealing layouts that accompany them.

Lastly, magazines are finely tailored to your interests. There is a magazine for EVERYTHING. If you have a hobby, interest or profession, I guarantee you that there’s a magazine to match.





Home improvement

Men’s fitness and health

Women’s fitness and health

Sports (running, biking, hiking, swimming, tennis, football, soccer, etc.)












… on and on and on

If you can think of it, there’s probably a magazine for it!

And if you are truly going to tell me that you have no interests or hobbies (what a sad life you live!) you can find a magazine related to your state, city or town. They’ll usually feature calendars of local events, so maybe you can attend a few and find things to interest you!

Magazine subscriptions are cheap, usually around $20 a year. Every month — sometimes every other — you’ll get a glossy magazine in your mailbox full of stories for your consumption. And who doesn’t love getting mail?

If you want to be a friend to the trees — or cannot live without your laptop or tablet — you can opt for a digital subscription instead.

digital magazine

So if you have little time to read, or, even worse, if you hate to read, try finding a magazine that relates to some aspect of your life. The articles are typically short and easy to get through, and they’ll be tailored to your interests.

Get to reading!


What are you favorite magazines?




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