Dear future employer

You know the feeling of looking at a job posting online and thinking, “This sounds great. It’s what I know how to do, and it’s what I do well,” but then you scroll down to the qualifications and read “three to five years of experience” under the qualifications?

Well, I do.

I know it really well.

I’m a soon-to-be graduate, and while my internships have helped me gain experience, it’s never the three to five years in “this very specific sector of a field.”

It’s scary and intimidating, mostly because I feel like no matter the cover letter I craft and the shiny resume I send along with it, it just won’t be good enough. Heck, it probably won’t even be enough.

I never have the space for the thousands of bullets I need under each internship I’ve had in order to truly explain the variety of tasks I’ve completed and how they relate to a job opening.

How then do I enter the world adults calls the workforce? How then do I start on the path of getting my three to five years of experience? How then do I contemplate a future that doesn’t include me living out of a cardboard box?

So, dear future employer, I’m asking you to take a chance on me. If you’re reading this post, it’s the only plausible answer you could give to the questions above. Really, the only way to get experience is to be given experience.

While I may not meet every qualification, I can write; I can write really well. A blog post, a business letter, a media pitch, a feature article … I’m your girl! In an age of tweets that are 140 characters or less — not that I can’t do that, too — I can actually write something more than a sentence and have it speak to a reader. My mind will take a topic somewhere that it’s never been before and will weave it into a fascinating story with a unique voice.

What I don’t have in skills I make up for in passion. It’s passion that gets me out of bed at 5 a.m. every morning to run, and it’s passion that has pushed me from half-marathons to my first full marathon. Can you really run five days a week, strength train two days a week, cross train one day a week, and stretch and foam roll every day without passion?

It’s also passion that makes me blog every week even if only a handful of people so much as skim what I’ve written. It’s passion that’s driven me to write out these thoughts because I’m not going to stop until I’m employed to write.

And it’s hope that keeps me clicking through postings on Indeed even when my heart is sinking. I’m hoping that you’ll read my cover letter until the end, so you can learn about what all I bring both on paper and in real life. I’m hoping that you’ll see something in me — the Stevenson graduate desperately trying to relocate to Colorado.

That’s what I bring: talent, passion and hope. So, dear future employer, again I implore you to take a chance on me.


Savannah Lawrence

talent and passion




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