Rain run fun

I used to dread waking up to the sound of rain hitting my roof because it meant moving my run from outdoors to a treadmill. However, a few weeks ago I woke up to the familiar sound and thought about how if I had a 20-mile run scheduled and it was raining, I would have to suck it up (no way would I torture myself with 20 miles on a treadmill). With only 7 miles to complete that day, I knew it was time to toughen up. I’m training for a marathon after all; toughness is a necessity.

running in the rain 2

I did a quick Google search: what to wear when running in the rain. I listened to the following advice and am sure glad that I did:

  • Body Glide your feet to prevent blisters
  • Wear tight-fitting capris or pants to prevent clothing from sticking to you
  • Wear a breathable rain jacket, poncho or even garbage bag to stay dry
  • Wear a hat to keep water out of your eyes

So with my lubed feet, moisture wicking workout capris, Northface rain jacket, and favorite hat on, I entered the wet, wet world.

Guess what? It wasn’t nearly as miserable as I thought it would be. In fact, it was enjoyable. I felt like a little kid splashing along in the rain. Sure, I outwardly cursed cars who sped by and left a surge of water in their wake — why do people think it’s proper to speed up rather than slow down when passing a runner? — but I was never truly soaked by the encounters. I also had a fun time dodging puddles; it was akin to a game of leapfrog, and I reignited my childlike spirit.

playing in the rain

When I finished my run and slowed down to a walk, I finally felt soaked. My torso had remained dry — as did my phone armband under my rain jacket, thank goodness — but water had slid right off my jacket onto my pants; they were stuck to me like a Band-Aid. My shoes were also pretty squishy. Per the internet’s advice, I immediately changed out of my wet clothes and stuffed paper towels in my shoes. My feet were wrinkly but blister free!

Would I do it again? You bet.

It could always rain on a 20-mile long run day; it could always rain on race day. I can’t and won’t avoid the rain any longer.

Not only did running in the rain make me feel carefree, I also felt like a badass. It’s motivating to think about people looking at you from their dry cars while thinking about how dedicated you must be to still run in the rain.

I run in temperatures below freezing and on days with 95 percent humidity, so I’m no stranger to adverse weather conditions. It just took some guts to finally embrace the rain, and it turned out that it wasn’t even bad.

running in the rain.png

Have you run in the rain? Did you love it or hate it?


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