Write, write, write!

While my blog posts are directed at my readers — whomever they may be — I will admit that I don’t actually write for my readers; I write for myself.

I write because, like running, it’s one of my passions. I’ve never been able to stick with journaling, but a blog lets me capture all of my mixed up thoughts and turn them into something more complete and concrete.

I write because I spend most of my day shying away from true writing. Instead I post short status updates and type out even shorter text messages; I write because it’s hard to capture the art of writing in this century.

I write because I need to practice my skills. Much like I adhere to a training plan when preparing for a race, I adhere to a plan for my blog. I set aside time to draft posts every week, and I have specific days that I put up the posts. Writing is important enough that I prioritize it just like I do with schoolwork and running.

I want to encourage my readers to write, too — passion or not.

Writing is one of the most important yet lost skills in today’s world. My professors often say that employers tell them new hires can’t write well. It makes me cringe when I hear this! “Write, write, write!” I want to scream.

Job-searching millennial or not, write. It’s one of those things — like the foreign language classes you took in high school — you’ll start to lose if you don’t use. You’ll forget the parts of speech, when to use who or whom, and what qualifies as an independent clause. You’ll start writing your emails like text messages, and then the day will come when you can’t successfully proofread your child’s English paper.

Write about what interests you, whether the topic angers or excites you. Write to impart your wisdom to others. Write to share your experiences. Write because I know that you have something to say.

You don’t have to write a novel. Start with just a few words or a single idea; see where it takes you.

* * *

Don’t let the art of writing fade away. Be one of the people who keeps it alive.

Remember your favorite books and how they moved you. Think about what your outlook would be like had those books never been written.

What about the latest article you read that helped you solidify or made you completely rethink your opinion? Would you be different had that article never been written?

Perhaps a beautiful poem made you pause for just a moment. You needed that pause when the rest of your life was so hectic.

Write because maybe you can’t think of a book, article or poem that moved you. Write because people need more chances to come across a book, article, poem or any other piece of writing that does.





One thought on “Write, write, write!

  1. A great posting and so true. Though circumstance and education left me ‘alone’ in the wilderness, I found that writing even though originally foreign to me, became my salvation.

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