Running is like a relationship

As someone who’s in a serious committed relationship — and about to tie the knot — I know that there are plenty of ups and downs when it comes to love.

One moment I think my fiance is the greatest person in the world; I want to kiss him and snuggle up with him, and he’s on my mind all day. But in another moment, one action or comment leads to a huge blowup , and I don’t want to be in the same room as him.

I’ve learned that running — another one of my loves — is much the same.

One moment I’m training for a race and spending time on the road every day, but the next moment I’m sidelined with an injury, unable to run for weeks at a time.

running relationship 2.jpg

With both love and running, it’s important not to give up when times are bad.

I love my fiance with all my heart, which is why he’s about to be my husband. Likewise, I love running, which is why I started training for a marathon and have completed numerous other races. But both my loves still present their own frustrating challenges.

When I’m angry at my fiance, I have to step back from the situation, approaching it with patience and understanding. When I’m injured and sidelined, I have to step back from my sport, patiently returning to running when the time is right and understanding that my body needs time to heal.

As with most things in life, it’s a learning process.

I’m not a patient person, and I tend to go all in rather than take things slowly. That means that when I’m angry, I stick with the emotion, letting it all pour out. It also means that when I’m depressed because I can’t run, I let it consume me, turning my thoughts negative and hopeless.

I’m aware of these faults, which is why I can write them out here so clearly. I’m also aware that while I go all in, I also don’t quit.

I won’t be quitting on my engagement and definitely not my marriage. I also won’t be quitting on my sport.

I’m diligently doing my physical therapy exercises and trying my best to slowly return to running. When my fiance and I fight, we do the hard work, too — honestly communicating even if it requires conversations that last all night; we’ve done some pre-marital counseling as well. With both of my loves, I’m willing to put in the work.

I’ll keep trying to log my miles and achieve new personal bests; I’ll keep trying to love my fiance to the fullest and achieve new levels of love, patience, understanding and honesty.

don't give up.jpg

 What are your loves? How do you stick with them during tough times?


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