The excitement of the unknown

With a graduation countdown going on my university’s website, I’m always one click away from knowing exactly how long (down to the second!) I have until I’m thrust from college out into what’s commonly referred to as the “real world” (insert spooky ghost noises here).

I won’t lie and tell you that I have no sense of panic, but I’ve made peace with the unknown that is to come. It’s a calm panic that I feel (please, excuse the blatant oxymoron).

I know that life after college, marriage, and deciding between travel or jumping into a career hold hundreds of new questions and situations for me to sort through, but I also know that the next year of my life is going to be exciting and adventurous!

Blake and I still haven’t decided where we’re moving after our New Year’s Eve wedding since we expanded our list of cities to include Seattle and Portland (plus the original plan of Denver). We’re both applying to jobs in three different states, and we have different scenarios set based on what happens between now and Christmas. Does it scare me that I don’t know where I’ll be living after January? Yes, but it also excites me! It’s the most daring thing I’ve ever done.

I could sit around biting my nails, pulling out my hair, and shaking uncontrollably because I have zero job offers and, currently, zero solid plans (though, now that our deposits are non-refundable, the wedding is set in stone). Instead, I’m choosing to smile and keep eagerly anticipating graduation because I like that I don’t have plans yet; I like that it’s all still open.

This may be the only time in my life that I get to experience the joy of an open ending. I have no kids, no career, and no one counting on me. As added bonuses, I have a nest egg from working throughout high school and college, six months before I have to start re-paying my loans, and a fiance who supports whichever path I chose to follow, be it travel or a full-time job. Talk about once in a lifetime!

This is my time, and since it’s so precious and rare, I’m still deciding how I’ll use it.

I’ll let you know what I choose, but I’m not rushing.



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