4 ways to stay fit while staying indoors this holiday season

While I’m thoroughly enjoying running in the below freezing temps because I was sidelined with an injury for most of the fall, I understand that it’s that much harder for you to get out of bed and workout on cold mornings.

Really, it’s hard to workout at anytime of day during the winter because all you want to do is snuggle under a warm blanket with a hot drink in hand and a roaring fireplace in your line of sight.

Sadly, the holiday season is filled with extra treats and extra bouts of laziness that allow for additional pounds to creep onto your body, so you have to beat the cold somehow.

However, you don’t have to conquer the cold. You can easily avoid chilly weather with indoor workouts.

If you’re a runner like me, winter is the perfect time to take a break from racing and intense training. Fall races are done, so it’s the time to spice up your routine and discover new activities that you enjoy; it’s also time to get back to your favorite activities that often get neglected during a training period.

If you’re not a runner and just like to workout each day, it’s still a great time to try new things and get creative. Plus, I have some great tips on adding holiday cheer to your workouts!

 Do a home workout while watching your favorite Christmas movie


It’s extremely hard to leave a warm bed in the winter, especially if you then have to leave a warm house and get into a cold car with an icy windshield. Skip the gym and workout at home while watching your favorite holiday flick!

Movies are typically two hours long, so I’m not saying workout for the full two hours, but you could have a nice warmup and relaxing cool down plus a longer than normal workout if you try this. There’s something to keep your interest the whole time, so it’s a great opportunity to push yourself for the week. You could also split it up — 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises, 20 minutes of plyometric cardio moves, and 20 minutes of yoga, pilates, foam rolling or stretching. If you finish up early, watch the rest of the movie snuggled up under a blanket!

Try this 12 moves of Christmas workout to be even more festive!

new years eve countdown workout.png
Another festive home workout for you to try!

Dance around to those classic Christmas songs and some of the peppier remade versions


With the Christmas tree up and a fireplace blazing, you love feeling that holiday spirit. Why not listen to your favorite holiday music and add to the cheer?

You can follow a cardio dance routine or make up your own moves; either way you’ll get moving!

Check out a list of suggested songs here and more moves to incorporate here.

Try a new fitness class at the gym


Think of this as Christmas gift to yourself. Most gym memberships include classes. If yours doesn’t or you don’t belong to a gym, find one that does, upgrade your membership, or join a nearby studio specific to what you want to do.

Try a class you’ve never had the courage or time to do, or pick a class that allows you to take your favorite warm-weather activity indoors.

Don’t worry about the cost; it’s a gift to yourself, remember? Plus, you can end it once the weather warms back up!

Have a fitness gift exchange

Have friends who like activities that you rarely do? Try a fitness exchange where everyone writes down their activity and drops it into a bowl and whichever activity you pull out is yours to do for the month. This will force you out of your routine. Plus, you’ll have friends to keep you accountable. Keep a fitness log together, make a Facebook group to track progress, or just keep tabs on one another in a group text.

At the end of the month, have a real gift exchange to celebrate sticking to a fitness plan and trying something new. If people loved the new forms of exercise, their gifts could be geared toward that, or if they decided that it wasn’t for them, their gifts could be geared toward what they like but had to swap. The group can also stick to basic gifts that all fitness fanatics would enjoy. Don’t forget to treat yourselves with some holiday goodies (find healthier versions here)!

How do you stay fit during the holiday season? Do you try new workouts when you’re forced indoors, or do you brave the cold and stick to your routine?


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