Trail Running Gone Right at South Boulder Creek West | Boulder, Colorado

Today, Harley and I took a lovely mid-morning hike (ah, the luxury of not working Fridays). It was 70 degrees today–in February–so there was no way we weren’t going to get outside!

We headed to the South Boulder Creek West Trailhead, which is a short 12-minute drive from my apartment (awesome, right?!). From Louisville, Colorado, we took McCaslin Boulevard into Superior, Colorado, turning right onto Marshall Drive 170. At the end of 170, we turned right onto State Highway 93; the trailhead was just down the road on the left.


We made a big loop with the Big Bluestem, Mesa and South Boulder Creek West Trails. I meant to only do the 4.6 mile-loop, but I forgot to cut over to the Mesa Trail after Lower Big Bluestem, taking Upper Big Bluestem as well, making the trip just under a 7-mile loop. Hey, I’m just proud I made it back to the car. This was my first hike alone; for someone who’s directionally challenged, I did a damn good job.

I had the grand idea of trail running, which I’m quickly realizing isn’t something my legs or lungs will tolerate. This was my second attempt since moving here about a month ago, and, once again, it ended with me huffing and hiking instead. It may have only been foothills, but they’re no joke when you try to run!

Since the walking boot and failed marathon attempt last summer, I’m trying this new thing called LISTENING TO MY BODY, so I simply slowed to a brisk hike and enjoyed the ability to soak in the scenery at a slower pace.

Harley and I loved soaking in the rays after last week’s frigid winds, cold and ice–Colorado has some crazy fluctuating weather. We hit some melting snow at the top of the loop, which Harley decided was for drinking; he kept choking afterwards, since muddy snow isn’t the best thing to ingest (don’t worry, he survived).

We finished our hike in just under 2.5 hours. This was with the help of about a mile or so of slow running along the way. Next time, though, I’ll be hiking from the outset. When it comes to running, I plan on sticking to the roads, at least for a while.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Getting outside? Where are you going?


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