A Golden Sunday at Mount Galbraith Park | Golden, Colorado 

Today’s Sunday adventure took us to Mount Galbraith Park in Golden, Colorado. We started the day off with a big breakfast–a must, especially after last weekend’s snowshoeing fiasco–and then hit the trails.


Since most people in Colorado are actually athletic, we went out with one of Blake’s high school friends, Erik; he’s the one who recommended the hike. (No one back in Maryland ever wanted to run, hike or even walk for fun with me.)

From Louisville, Colorado, we took McCaslin Boulevard to Marshall Drive 170, turning right onto State Highway 93, where we stayed for the duration of the ride until we hit Golden. It was a beautiful drive along 93 with views of the rolling plains crashing into the foothills.

We had both breakfast and lunch in downtown Golden. For breakfast we stopped at The Golden Diner, which was slammed for the morning rush. The diner was nothing fancy, but it fits the bill for what I would expect out of a diner. We all had the Round-Up, with French Toast, two eggs any style and breakfast meats (or fruit, in my case). It was the perfect start to a Sunday, especially since we slept in and met up around 10 a.m. For lunch, we settled on D’Deli, which had an extensive selection of subs that were twice the size of my head! The vegetarian options all made my mouth water; I chose a panini with roasted red peppers, mushrooms, spinach, artichoke hearts, mozzarella, feta, pesto aioli and olive tapenade. The deli was tiny and cramped, with a line out the door and small tables pushed close together, but the hearty food more than made up for the lack of ambience. Blake and I strolled Golden’s main drag after we ate; it was small but cute, very similar to downtown Louisville. We were too tired to poke around for long, but we’ll be back!


From breakfast, we took our full bellies to the trailhead, hiking along Cedar Gulch Trail out and back plus taking the Mt Galabraith Loop at the top. It was 3.8 miles in total of moderate trail with an 1,100-foot elevation gain. To reach the trailhead, we turned onto Golden Gate Canyon Road from 93 and drove 1.5 miles.


Harley loved scrambling over the many boulders along the narrow trail. I got left behind by the boys quite a few times, until I realized that sandwiching myself in the middle would force Erik to go at my pace, too! Then I only had to deal with Harley and Blake charging ahead. Why is it that men walk with such a quick pace? I take my time on hikes, soaking in the views and, more importantly, making sure I don’t tumble down the mountain.


We encountered a few trail runners and a good number of hikers, many with dogs. When we started at 10:30 a.m., the parking lot was halfway full. By our return around 1 p.m., people were parking on the streets.

The views from the top of Mount Galbraith were spectacular. We could see the Greater Denver Area stretching out to the east and the Rocky Mountain Range towering up high to the west.

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What did you do with your Sunday? A lazy day, an active day or maybe a bit of both?


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