This review was published in the “Veggie Bits” section of the Vegetarian Journal

Looking to indulge in dessert without feeling guilty? Pure Genius Brownies are less than 200 calories each, packed with fiber and protein, and are made with 40 percent non-GMO chickpeas – now that’s pure genius! These gluten-free brownies are sweetened with maple syrup, cocoa, and vegan chocolate. They are moist, soft, and fudge-like in texture, leaving no beany aftertaste. Try the Deep Chocolate Brownie when you’re having a major chocolate craving or Chocolate Chunk Brownie when your taste buds are begging for sweetness. Pure Genius Brownies are available at a variety of Whole Foods locations, natural grocery stores, and online through Amazon. To find a location near you, visit

Written by Savannah Lawrence, VRG intern.