What if your passion can’t extend beyond 9 to 5?

As I sit here writing this late on a Friday night, it’s a bit forced. I had the goal of getting out a blog post this weekend, but I have quite a busy weekend ahead. This was the only time I could squeeze extraneous writing in, and I had to make myself sit down and write this. Now I’ll admit something to you that might shock: Yes, I’m a writer; no, I don’t always want to write. Sometimes my passion only lasts through the workday, where, you guessed it, I write all day.

Oftentimes, I just want to come home and veg out — no reading, blogging or having any interaction with written words. I think it’s the same for a lot of people. The accountant doesn’t want to come home and work on his family’s budget for the month or help his kids with their math homework, no matter how much he likes numbers. The massage therapist doesn’t want to come home and offer to rub down her spouse, no matter how much she likes helping relieve people’s pain. The humane society volunteer doesn’t want to come home and walk her dogs, no matter how much she loves animals. You get the point.

Once we take our passions and put them to work, they do become work. I’d by lying if I told you otherwise. If you shake your head thinking, “No, this isn’t me,” you’re lying to yourself. That famous quote “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” just isn’t realistic. Some days will be work, hard work.

It’s not to say that I don’t come home some days with a blog post idea I just can’t wait to get out of my head or a chapter in a new book that I just can’t wait to read, but those are the exceptions. There are many days when it’s much easier to give into my brain — the brain that’s tired of reading, processing and churning out words. You should know that it’s okay to give in to your brain in these instances, healthy even. When a passion becomes all-consuming, the passion can quickly become disinterest, apathy and, worst of all, hatred.

9 to 5

Life is all about balance, and there is a surprising amount of room in life for multiple passions. Take me, for instance. The passionate writer… who’s also a passionate runner, hiker, dog lover and wife (passionate about spending quality time with her husband, you sicko). And it’s nice to let those passions get in the way of my writing — a welcome relief from the guilt I feel if I just collapse in front of the T.V.

Don’t feel discouraged or down on yourself the next time it’s hard to muster up your passion beyond the workday. Honestly, if you’re putting your passion to work each day, you’re doing a lot more than others. There are thousands of writers who aren’t employed to write, and likewise for whatever your passion may be. Give yourself a break if your passion can’t extend beyond the nine-to-five workday. Fill in that time with new passions, and consider yourself lucky for having the luxury to do so. If you were stuck at a job where you didn’t work your passion, that precious time after work would be all you had. Instead, you have a world of opportunities and a life just waiting to be even richer and fuller.

So what’s your next passion going to be? What do you want to pursue? Now I bet you can’t wait to find out! I can’t either, so comment below and clue me in.

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3 thoughts on “What if your passion can’t extend beyond 9 to 5?

  1. This blog and working with dogs is my passion! However, my daily life is VERY DIFFERENT, and it takes a lot of mental effort. Sometimes, I wish I had the energy to put more of myself into this, but I have just accepted that this is a phase of my life where I cannot do that yet – but to keep trying and I will slowly get closer!

    Great post!

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  2. Yeah, as I said at the end, it really is a privilege to have a job where you can pursue your passion every day because it leaves time for even more passions. I think it’s wonderful that you pursue such an important passion despite having a demanding job. If you haven’t read elsewhere on my blog, I have two dogs who I’m absolutely crazy about! I hope you can continue doing what you love and maybe pursue it full time in the future. Best of luck!


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