The price of productivity

Last week, I published the blog “Time management tips for maximum productivity AND fun.” Maybe you read through my time management tips and thought I had it all figured out — or maybe you thought I was intense and insane.

If you thought the latter, I agree with you. I am intense. At times I feel insane.

As I mentioned in that blog, my mom is always commenting on how I get so much done. However, I recently confessed to her how my jam-packed schedule has made the past few weeks difficult, and she said something I often think to myself:

“I guess getting so much done comes at a price.”

It does.

I exercise six days a week because it keeps me mildly sane. I do my chores during the week so I can spend hours hiking on the weekends and bask in the immense joy nature brings me. I write outside of my copywriting job, and make that time a weekly commitment, because I think it’s important to practice my craft and stick to my passion. I take my dogs on two long walks every day so I can enjoy the smiles on their faces and one-on-one time with them and my husband.

In addition to what I choose to fill my schedule with, I’ve had new things pop onto the calendar recently that have been somewhat out of my control. Due to health challenges, I’ve had a slew of appointments almost every day after work this month and last. And as I work to get back to running, I now have to dedicate a half hour every evening to physical therapy exercises. With summer here, I’ve also had back-to-back trips requiring my energy to plan and execute.

Everything I’ve been juggling recently has piled up into a heaping mound of stress in my brain. Last week, I’ve cried twice because it felt like the weight of everything I needed and wanted to get done was going to make me collapse. To make it worse, while crying, I thought about how I didn’t even have time to be crying because of all I had to get done! See — intense and insane

The reason for me sharing all of this is to let you know that it’s okay to not always be productive. It’s okay to sit in your bed and cry because being a responsible adult with goals, passions, and a life busy with family and work is demanding. It’s okay to take the night off, sit in a hot bath, and then go to dinner with your husband before coming home to a good book and your inviting bed. For everyone out there suffering from the curse of a Type-A personality, IT’S OKAY.

Tomorrow, I leave for my birthday trip to Ouray, Colorado. I’ve been planning the trip — and looking forward to it — for months. But because of all the stress I’ve experienced in the last two weeks, I told my husband we should cancel it. But we didn’t. I’m going on my trip because it’s okay to leave my stress behind and just live in the moment of me and my husband hiking, off-roading and exploring.

Did you hear that? It’s okay! Or at least it will be as soon as we drive off and leave it all behind.


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