College graduates — stay in touch with your professors!

Most of us look back on our college years with fond memories, but after graduation, we tend to leave everything about those years — save the memories — behind.

College can be an exceedingly difficult time for young people, so it’s no wonder why we’re eager to move on to a more stable phase in our life following graduation. Not only is college oftentimes the most challenging point in our academic careers, it’s also a time when we’re learning how to live and function all on our own.

Though you may feel an immense weight lift off your chest as you walk across the stage and retrieve your diploma, you don’t want to completely disconnect from college after you graduate.

Stay in touch with your college professors and maintain the relationships you cultivated with them. While you certainly don’t need to stay in touch with every professor, keep in contact with the ones whom you admired, sought advice from or believe had a profound impact on you.

It takes little effort to do. Friend your professors on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Send them a quick email now and again to let them know how you’re doing.

Trust me, they want to hear about your new job, move, marriage and other exciting life events. Teachers don’t go into their professions for the money; they do it because they genuinely want to make a difference in their students’ lives. So stay in touch with them and remind them that’s exactly what they did for you.

Then, the next time you need a letter of recommendation or a reference for a job, they will be there, ready and willing to sing your praises.

College graduates, stay in touch with your professors and remember that they’re the ones who helped you walk across that stage and get you to where you are today.




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