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Veggie Bits | Hippeas for Hippies

Veggie Bits | Hippeas for Hippies | Vegetarian Journal | 2017 issue 2 With seven different flavors and a texture similar to cheese puffs, Hippies Organic Chickpea Puffs have four grams of protein and three grams of fiber per serving,... Continue Reading →

Veggie Bits | A Healthier Brownie

Veggie Bits| A Healthier Brownie| Vegetarian Journal | 2017 issue 2 Looking to indulge in dessert without feeling guilty? Pure Genius Brownies are less than 200 calories each, packed with fiber and protein, and are made with 40 percent non-GMO... Continue Reading →

Vegan Snacks for Runners

Vegan Snacks for Runners | Vegetarian Journal | 2017 issue 2 As a distance runner, it's important that I give my body proper fuel on my long runs and during long-distance races. Failing to do so can lead to a... Continue Reading →

Lessons on running and life at Greenbelt Plateau | Boulder, Colorado

After two major injuries, I've learned not to take running as seriously as I used to. On my first long run of the spring training season, everything went wrong. The old Savannah would've come off the trail saying, "That was... Continue Reading →

Three lakes and freezing winds at Bear Lake Trailhead | Estes Park, Colorado

Have you ever been so cold that you wanted to cry? I have. While Rocky Mountain National Park is beautiful in the winter, the blustering winds aren't. As I trudged through the snow toward Dream Lake, I wanted to cry.... Continue Reading →

Why runners must slow down to speed up

"Slow and steady wins the race" is an expression for a reason. When it comes to race training, the entire training season is a part of that race, not just the race itself. As such, slow and steady is an... Continue Reading →

Miles on the Mountains at Flatirons Vista and Mt. Sanitas | Boulder, Colorado

For the final weekend before my spring training, I had the grand idea of hiking three days in a row. However, after the second hike at Mt. Sanitas, my IT Band let my body know it wasn't having a third.... Continue Reading →

The marriage checklist for the woman with a type-A personality

Ask your girlfriends what they want in a husband. Most of their answers are in list form and go like this: has x color eyes and x color hair, makes x amount of money, has x career and so on.... Continue Reading →

Following your dreams for the average person

You hear it all the time while growing up: "Follow your dreams." They tell you over and over again that you can be whatever you want to be: author, politician, Olympic athlete, business tycoon, etc. Then somewhere along the way... Continue Reading →

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