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Three lakes and freezing winds at Bear Lake Trailhead | Estes Park, Colorado

Have you ever been so cold that you wanted to cry? I have. While Rocky Mountain National Park is beautiful in the winter, the blustering winds aren't. As I trudged through the snow toward Dream Lake, I wanted to cry.... Continue Reading →

Miles on the Mountains at Flatirons Vista and Mt. Sanitas | Boulder, Colorado

For the final weekend before my spring training, I had the grand idea of hiking three days in a row. However, after the second hike at Mt. Sanitas, my IT Band let my body know it wasn't having a third.... Continue Reading →

A Golden Sunday at Mount Galbraith Park | Golden, Colorado 

Today's Sunday adventure took us to Mount Galbraith Park in Golden, Colorado. We started the day off with a big breakfast--a must, especially after last weekend's snowshoeing fiasco--and then hit the trails. Since most people in Colorado are actually athletic,... Continue Reading →

Trail Running Gone Right at South Boulder Creek West | Boulder, Colorado

Today, Harley and I took a lovely mid-morning hike (ah, the luxury of not working Fridays). It was 70 degrees today--in February--so there was no way we weren't going to get outside! We headed to the South Boulder Creek West... Continue Reading →

Snowshoeing to Lost Lake from the Hessie Trailhead | Eldora, Colorado

When your first snowshoeing Saturday as a Colorado resident begins as a last-minute decision, there are bound to be a few lessons learned along the way. Lesson one: Don't let it be a last-minute decision. I woke on Saturday morning... Continue Reading →

One Last Goodbye

This article was written for my Local Travel Writing course How many missteps could I make in one day? The Old Town neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia, was the place to answer that question. The red cobblestone streets, while picturesque, were... Continue Reading →

Local travel is still travel!

This semester I'm taking Local Travel Writing as a special topics course for my major, Business Communication. While I'm reading articles written by famous travel writers who've traversed the globe -- Andrew McCarthy, Rolf Potts, Pico Iyer -- the big... Continue Reading →

The excitement of the unknown

With a graduation countdown going on my university's website, I'm always one click away from knowing exactly how long (down to the second!) I have until I'm thrust from college out into what's commonly referred to as the "real world"... Continue Reading →

The Other Side

This article was written for my Feature Writing course My eyes follow the Chesapeake Bay Bridge sprawling before me in the distance. My boyfriend and I are only halfway across, and I'm already imagining reaching the other side and seeing... Continue Reading →

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