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The ex-vegetarian: Coming out as an omnivore

I ate meat on Friday for the first time in over four years, willingly and knowingly. French onion soup and a chicken Caesar salad for lunch, and lasagna with meat sauce for dinner. I ate┬áchicken enchiladas yesterday for lunch. Needless... Continue Reading →


My go-to vegetarian meals

Mexican and Italian foods are my favorites, and they are some of the easiest vegetarian meals that I make. Stock up on a few key ingredients that every vegetarian should have, and you'll never be left asking, "What's for dinner?"... Continue Reading →

What every vegetarian needs in the kitchen

Being a vegetarian is hard, right? WRONG. It's only hard if you don't have the ingredients needed for quick, easy, nutritious meals. Use the guide below the next time you're making a grocery list, and you're bound to have everything... Continue Reading →

Crazy for Kombucha!

Have you heard of it yet? It tastes so good, like an all-natural ginger ale or a seltzer-based alcoholic drink, and it does contain trace amounts of alcohol. What is it? It's Kombucha. Kombu ... huh? KOMBUCHA. The first time... Continue Reading →

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