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Life on the Run

Why rest days are the best days and how to best take them

After spending the past year suffering from chronic running injuries, I've decided to incorporate an extra day of rest into my training plan. I used to take two days of rest, back when I was just getting into running and... Continue Reading →


Why you should always run the hills

Today I ran a HILLY 10k. When I say hilly, I mean HILLY. So hilly, in fact, that the race website didn't include an elevation chart with the race map -- I don't think anyone would've shown up if they... Continue Reading →

How to run a race with your dog (and do well)

They say a dog is a man's best friend and diamonds are a girl's. However, they've clearly never met me -- the runner who has one of the world's most athletic dogs. Harley, my Shiba Inu mix, is my best... Continue Reading →

Five life lessons you’ll learn from running

I never played sports in school, and I was never one for exercise as a child and pre-teen. However, now that I look back on all that running has taught me, I understand the benefits of sports. They're not just... Continue Reading →

Seven tips for the newbie trail runner

Living in Boulder, Colorado, it's almost a crime to solely be a road runner. There are numerous trails just minutes from my house, from the iconic Mesa Trail to the historic¬†Rattlesnake Gulch Trail. There are also trail races happening with... Continue Reading →

When a break from running takes you to 14,000 feet and new realizations!

In May, I posted a picture of me on Instagram crossing the finish line at the Bolder Boulder with the caption: "Nothing else in life will ever give you this feeling."¬†Today, however, I learned differently. I summited my first 14ers... Continue Reading →

Lessons on running and life at Greenbelt Plateau | Boulder, Colorado

After two major injuries, I've learned not to take running as seriously as I used to. On my first long run of the spring training season, everything went wrong. The old Savannah would've come off the trail saying, "That was... Continue Reading →

Why runners must slow down to speed up

"Slow and steady wins the race" is an expression for a reason. When it comes to race training, the entire training season is a part of that race, not just the race itself. As such, slow and steady is an... Continue Reading →

My furry running buddy

It's not so easy to hit snooze when my alarm rings at 5 a.m. because as soon as he hears the sound, he's panting around the room ready to go. However, he knows the routine. He has to wait for... Continue Reading →

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