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What if your passion can’t extend beyond 9 to 5?

As I sit here writing this late on a Friday night, it's a bit forced. I had the goal of getting out a blog post this weekend, but I have quite a busy weekend ahead. This was the only time... Continue Reading →


The marriage checklist for the woman with a type-A personality

Ask your girlfriends what they want in a husband. Most of their answers are in list form and go like this: has x color eyes and x color hair, makes x amount of money, has x career and so on.... Continue Reading →

Following your dreams for the average person

You hear it all the time while growing up: "Follow your dreams." They tell you over and over again that you can be whatever you want to be: author, politician, Olympic athlete, business tycoon, etc. Then somewhere along the way... Continue Reading →

What are you thankful for?

Every year on Thanksgiving, I like to sit down with my family and have us all write out what we're thankful for. I usually turn it into some type of art project (you can get some great ideas here). The... Continue Reading →

Need life advice? Seek a mentor.

"Your only job is to find a job that makes you happy to get out of bed in the morning." This is probably the best advice I've received as an upcoming college graduate. Even better, it came from the woman... Continue Reading →

For every anonymous driver

They're the same people who hold the door for you at a restaurant, let you move up in line because you only have a few items, and knock on your door to let you know that your mail was delivered... Continue Reading →

The importance of thanking your significant other

We've all heard it: the excitement that you feel at the beginning of a relationship will fade. Yes, it's true ... in some ways. And in other ways it may be less true. When I see my fiance's face light... Continue Reading →

Severe senioritis

Yesterday -- Monday Aug. 29, 2016 -- marked my last first day of school -- possibly forever and at least for a long time. I should be nostalgic, but I'm really just antsy; even worse, I'm completely unmotivated to make... Continue Reading →

Write, write, write!

While my blog posts are directed at my readers -- whomever they may be -- I will admit that I don't actually write for my readers; I write for myself. I write because, like running, it's one of my passions.... Continue Reading →

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