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“Her Fearful Symmetry” explores the relationship between twins, lovers and dead relatives

The Villager | Reviews| February 23, 2015 “Her Fearful Symmetry” by Audrey Niffeneger tells the story of twin sisters struggling to find their own individuality after years of doing everything together. Their struggle is complicated by the recent death of... Continue Reading →

Suicide rates among college students are increasing; students face increased pressures, lack of support, and limited resources

Enterprise Article | Journalism II In September 2008 Katrina Tagget died by suicide during her senior year at Michigan State University (MSU). During her last semester at MSU, she was living away from her friends in an off-campus house. She... Continue Reading →

Savannah Lawrence, beloved friend and daughter, dies at age 20

Obituary | Journalism II Investigators continue to search for a suspect in the death of Savannah Lea Lawrence on Oct. 17 in Baltimore. She was a victim of homicide, dying at age 20 of multiple stab wounds. Born in Annapolis,... Continue Reading →

Alcohol Screening Day targets risks

The Villager | News | April 13, 2015 National Alcohol Screening Day is an annual initiative promoting education, outreach and awareness to the public regarding harmful drinking behaviors. Thousands of colleges and community-based organizations nationwide participate in the event, according... Continue Reading →

Fox surprises viewers with “Gotham,” the newest gritty supervillain crime drama

The Villager | Reviews | October 27, 2014 The new fall series, “Gotham,” offers Batman and D.C. Comic fans insight about when Commissioner James Gordon first began as a newbie detective. Fans can also watch Bruce Wayne develop into the... Continue Reading →

Mathematics lecture seeks to inspire and enlighten students

The Villager | News | September 15, 2014 For the fifth year, the department of mathematics will sponsor the Susan Palmer Slattery Memorial Lecture. The lecture encourages students to explore mathematics and science regardless of their chosen major. Arlene Weiner,... Continue Reading →

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