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Veggie Bits | Hippeas for Hippies

Veggie Bits | Hippeas for Hippies | Vegetarian Journal | 2017 issue 2 With seven different flavors and a texture similar to cheese puffs, Hippies Organic Chickpea Puffs have four grams of protein and three grams of fiber per serving,... Continue Reading →

Veggie Bits | A Healthier Brownie

Veggie Bits| A Healthier Brownie| Vegetarian Journal | 2017 issue 2 Looking to indulge in dessert without feeling guilty? Pure Genius Brownies are less than 200 calories each, packed with fiber and protein, and are made with 40 percent non-GMO... Continue Reading →

Vegan Snacks for Runners

Vegan Snacks for Runners | Vegetarian Journal | 2017 issue 2 As a distance runner, it's important that I give my body proper fuel on my long runs and during long-distance races. Failing to do so can lead to a... Continue Reading →

What’s the deal with vegan leather?

What's the deal with vegan leather? | VRG blog A member emailed The Vegetarian Resource Group back in December 2015 asking about vegan leather alternatives for Kindle covers. He’d come across many covers on Amazon claiming to be non-leather or... Continue Reading →

My Internship at The Vegetarian Resource Group

My Internship at The Vegetarian Resource Group | VRG blog In fall 2016, I interned with The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) while receiving credit from my college, Stevenson University, which is located just outside of Baltimore. As a Business Communication... Continue Reading →

Chewy Caramel Cocomels

Chew Caramel Cocomels | VRG blog product review written for the holiday season Chewy, smooth Naked Cocomels are vegan caramels made with non-dairy coconut milk. They come in four mouth-watering flavors. Keep a bag or two at your desk, and... Continue Reading →

My Dream Internship

My Dream Internship | VRG blog appeal written for the non-profit to use on Giving Tuesday As a vegetarian and distance runner pursuing a career in writing, I found my dream internship with The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG). My name... Continue Reading →

What do I say when people ask about my vegan/vegetarian diet?

What do I say when people ask about my vegan/vegetarian diet? | VRG blog As someone who enjoys socializing over food, I often get unsolicited questions about my choice to be a vegetarian. Be it dining at someone’s home where... Continue Reading →

Feeding Your Non-Vegan Significant Other

Feeding Your Non-Vegan Significant Other | VRG blog Relationships are complicated enough without adding a vegan diet into the mix, so what happens when your significant other doesn’t also eat vegan? He or she may believe that romantic candlelit dinners... Continue Reading →

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