Writers, you need a digital portfolio.

Unless you're an author whose book recently topped The New York Times Best Sellers list, or one whose novels were turned into a popular movie franchise, telling a potential employer or customer you're a writer isn't worth much in today's digital world. And let's face it -- most of us aren't best-selling authors. For us … Continue reading Writers, you need a digital portfolio.


Parallel parking with purpose

I've heard that the dreaded parallel park is no longer a part of the Maryland driver's test, but when I was 16, the practice was still going strong. It was the first part of the test because most people failed. Yours truly was 13 inches from the curb with one minute left. How I got … Continue reading Parallel parking with purpose

Saddening Super Bowl stats

It's the biggest day of the year for you football fans: Super Bowl Sunday. You're geared up with food, giant TVs and jerseys. You know the stats of your team and which players are likely to pull your team to a win, but a lot of you don't know the more depressing stats behind your … Continue reading Saddening Super Bowl stats

5 reasons to have a planned elopement

An elopement doesn't have to mean you and your future spouse on the steps of a courthouse; it doesn't have to mean sneaking away in the dark of night without telling your family and friends; it doesn't have to mean that you're ashamed to be getting married. Eloping can be just as glamorous and exciting … Continue reading 5 reasons to have a planned elopement

Apocalypse or snow storm?

I went to Target last night to buy some items for my new apartment. As I walked in, stacks of water bottles and a huge display of batteries smacked me in the face. "Is there an apocalypse coming that I don't know about?" I wondered. I knew about the one to two feet of snow … Continue reading Apocalypse or snow storm?

The good and the bad of a 70 degree December day

When you think December, you think gusty winds, chilly air and maybe even snow. You don't think balmy breezes, warm air and maybe even a temperature of 70 degrees. However, the latter is what Maryland delivered its residents today. The good I spent my afternoon walking around two different lakes in Columbia, Maryland, with the … Continue reading The good and the bad of a 70 degree December day

Flames light up the Annapolis Parade of Lights

Tonight, Blake and I ventured to downtown Annapolis, Maryland, to see the Parade of Lights. When we got there, we walked over the Spa Creek Bridge from Eastport, Maryland, and past a smoking Annapolis Yacht Club. Fast-forward and Blake was on the phone with 911 while flames melted the glass windows and spread higher. Next, … Continue reading Flames light up the Annapolis Parade of Lights