A writer’s best tool

It's that time of the month at work when I'm busy churning out ghostwritten newspaper columns before they're due to editors; drafting monthly blogs for clients; and helping account managers write and finesse e-newsletter intros. I've also been playing around with flyer copy for a new client. As I rush to meet deadlines and get … Continue reading A writer’s best tool


Trust the writing process

Writing is a creative process, no matter what type of writer you are. Unfortunately, creativity often alludes writers when they need it most. Though I would love for my creativity to hit just before I sit down to write, that pressure often makes my creativity run away in fear. Then it will only return when … Continue reading Trust the writing process

My plan to read more often

As I discussed in my last blog post, "Step away from the screen to get your creative juices flowing," screens inhibit our creative brains. Luckily, we can combat our screen time by picking up a new read. Reading has been shown to enhance our creative thinking and spur our imaginations. With that in mind, I recently … Continue reading My plan to read more often

Step away from the screen to get your creative juices flowing!

Did you know, on average, Americans spend more than 10 hours a day in front of screens? While screen time is an inevitable aspect of our daily lives, too much of it can inhibit creativity. Too much screen time has been linked to problems concentrating and focusing, and it can also make it difficult to … Continue reading Step away from the screen to get your creative juices flowing!