Is the grass always greener?

I believe everyone should have goals in life, and I believe that once we meet our goals, we should set more. Striving to be better and do more has the potential to benefit us in numerous ways. However, sometimes we don't meet our goals. We don't hit the deadlines we had for ourselves. We're not … Continue reading Is the grass always greener?


3 reasons to support the runner in your life

I'm not moving from the third grade to the fourth grade. I'm not playing townsperson No. 3 in the school play. I'm not getting a meaningless new title at work. I'm not finally at 1,000 followers on Instagram. I'm making the time each day to work toward a goal. I'm pushing through when my body … Continue reading 3 reasons to support the runner in your life

What makes someone a runner?

Running an ultra-marathon? Running a marathon? Running 10ks? Running 5ks? Being part of a running club? Setting PRs? Winning races? Running every day? Running just to run? What makes someone a runner? There's no single answer to this question; there shouldn't be one. Runners come in many varieties ... and many shades of neon. A … Continue reading What makes someone a runner?

Reflecting on the DC Rock and Roll Half-Marathon

I run naked in all of my races. No, I don't run without clothes. Running naked is runner's lingo for running without technology. So during races, there's no app tracking my progress, reading out my mile times and paces. It's just me with my hopes and my training to back up those hopes. Last weekend … Continue reading Reflecting on the DC Rock and Roll Half-Marathon