Is the grass always greener?

I believe everyone should have goals in life, and I believe that once we meet our goals, we should set more. Striving to be better and do more has the potential to benefit us in numerous ways. However, sometimes we don't meet our goals. We don't hit the deadlines we had for ourselves. We're not … Continue reading Is the grass always greener?


New blog series coming soon

A fellow blogger's recent post about finding time to relax has inspired me to start a new series called Managing Your Stress. The series will consist of three parts: Part One: Overscheduled and Overwhelmed Part Two: Being the Best or Being Your Best Part Three: Embracing Unavoidable Uncertainties I'm a very anxious person who can … Continue reading New blog series coming soon

The stress trade-off

When your family and friends experience stress and anxiety, they often pick up the phone to tell you about it. They want to vent and let out their emotions, and you can end up being the dumping ground. There's a fine line between being supportive and being an emotional punching bag. You get to the … Continue reading The stress trade-off

The new generation of unhappy high schoolers

The world puts a lot of pressure on young adults. No, it's not imagined pressure; it's very real. During my senior year of high school, my public school started eliminating standard-level classes, leaving only honors and AP classes as options. The result? The honors classes became the classes for the "dumb kids" while everyone else … Continue reading The new generation of unhappy high schoolers