Trust the writing process

Writing is a creative process, no matter what type of writer you are. Unfortunately, creativity often alludes writers when they need it most. Though I would love for my creativity to hit just before I sit down to write, that pressure often makes my creativity run away in fear. Then it will only return when … Continue reading Trust the writing process


Following your dreams for the average person

You hear it all the time while growing up: "Follow your dreams." They tell you over and over again that you can be whatever you want to be: author, politician, Olympic athlete, business tycoon, etc. Then somewhere along the way it's time to get serious and pay the bills. It's time to be practical. There's … Continue reading Following your dreams for the average person

Why you should write your memoir

Not everyone is a fan of writing, and I get it. It's not the easiest process to stare at a blinking cursor, trying to find words that make sense. Sometimes you're just not interested in the topic, and you have to force yourself to churn out sentences. Haven't you had to go through the miserable … Continue reading Why you should write your memoir

Can’t keep a runner off of the road

After injuring my IT band over the summer, taking over a month off of running, and training for the Baltimore Half-Marathon in three weeks, I promised myself no spring runs. I promised myself I would take a long off-season. I ran the Across the Bay 10k two weeks after the half, ran a turkey trot … Continue reading Can’t keep a runner off of the road