Outrunning Vegas

From 1,149 feet above, the city didn’t seem like such a wasteland. It was even a bit magical. The clusters of flashing lights and ever-changing billboard displays were no longer discordantly fighting for my attention. Instead, they all blended together, creating a peaceful, twinkling glow for me and the other viewers on top of the … Continue reading Outrunning Vegas


How to run a race with your dog (and do well)

They say a dog is a man's best friend and diamonds are a girl's. However, they've clearly never met me -- the runner who has one of the world's most athletic dogs. Harley, my Shiba Inu mix, is my best friend and training partner (a lovely twofer). He trains for all my half-marathons with me, … Continue reading How to run a race with your dog (and do well)